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You're Never Too Old To Look Younger

Silver Strands Salon is located within First Colonial Inn at

845 First Colonial Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

We provide services to residents, friends, family and non-residents by appointment, Tuesday - Friday, starting at 9:00 a.m. 

Mobile services are available by special arrangement.

We recognize that the families of some of our clients prefer to make financial arrangements for our services separately and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you so that our client's needs  are taken care of.   

Silver Strands Logo
Senior Haircut

A safe, comfortable and familiar place where the senior client can enjoy the "beauty parlor experience". 

Silver Strands Salon was created by Michelle Sandler to provide a familiar environment specializing in the beauty needs of the senior client. The limitations of age, mobility, dexterity, memory and illness should not present limitations on looking and feeling your best.


Silver Strands Salon provides a full complement of hair and nail services in a setting designed to make the senior client feel pampered and welcome.

  • Monthly and seasonal decorations

  • Games, contests and prizes

  • Music from the Swing and Big Band Era

  • Soothing hot towels and a heated massage pedicure chair

  • Manicure station designed to be wheelchair accessible

  • Snacks and beverages

"These are my moms and my dads, they are my friends and I want them to relax and enjoy the experience of feeling beautiful and special".

keeping you beautiful


Feel refreshed and leave the salon with a new attitude, both inside and out, after you have had our facial treatment by our master esthetician. 


We offer our full manicure services and the latest gel nail treatments performed with special care for special hands by our nail technician, Luna.


Senior feet often present unusual challenges.  Our trained nail tech and our heated massage pedicure chair provide a relaxing setting for this type of therapy.


 Providing hair styling services for women and men, including simple shampoos, traditional roller sets, teasing, color and perms.


When you decide that it’s time for a wig, we help with care, washing, fitting and styling, so that only you and your hairdresser will know the truth.


Thinning hair is a frequent problem for women as they age, but not to worry! At Silver Strands Salon we use the latest products to solve this problem and return your hair to the lush look you desire. 

Keeping You Beautiful
The Salon Experience


Where Beauty and Style are Ageless

The decorations within the Salon change monthly with each having a special theme or holiday celebration. Not only does this give the client something new to enjoy, it "awakens" the senses and gives our clients something to look forward to. 

Silver Strands Contests

We are all children inside and who doesn't like to play games? Every month we offer a different game or contest, such as guessing the number of snowflakes in a globe, or the length of the Father's Day neckties around the room. Some contain physical challenges and others stimulate the mind, but they all give our clients reasons to stop by and socialize.


The contemporary Salon often bombards the client with the non-stop processed music, blaring at top volume. Not at Silver Strands Salon! Music from the memories of the client fills our air with tunes from the 1930s and 1940s radio station. It is amazing how quickly the words to a long forgotten song come back to you 

Music Box
Sweet Snacks

The beauty parlor experience may be slipping away, but the senior client remembers the days of spending time relaxing and socializing at their salon. Our clients can partake of a variety of snacks, tea, lemonade or other seasonal treats. They can relax with hot towels, rest in the heated massage pedicure chair and simply spend time chatting.    

Senior Safety

With aging comes limitations in mobility, dexterity and memory. We take care to provide a safe environment with wheelchair accessible manicure station, transfer skills to enable movement from walker or wheelchair to styling chair, adaptations for shampoo chairs and care in handling glasses, hearing aids and a variety of medical conditions. We are also specially trained to help those clients with limitations posed by Alzheimer's disease.

Our Team

Our Team of Professionals


Michelle Sandler is the owner and lead hair stylist at Silver Strands Salon. 

Michelle Sandler has over 37 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and she has devoted her entire career to the beauty needs of the elder client.


Michelle started Silver Strands Salon at First Colonial Inn 8 years ago, to provide a safe, familiar and comfortable oasis for residents to visit, while providing clients with complete professional salon services, focused on the needs of the elder client.  She has developed the techniques necessary to accommodate the needs of the senior client, including addressing limitations in mobility and memory and sensitivity to the surroundings.  More importantly, Michelle enjoys her special clientele, she understands them and she believes that they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.  Michelle was trained during a time when the roller set, styling and teasing were in demand, and while those skills are not often found in today’s modern salons, they are still very much in demand by the aging client.  Michelle provides salon services both inside Silver Strands and through mobile services to those clients who simply can no longer visit the salon.

Carol Earnest, Salon Manager

Carol Earnest, Salon Manager

No business can provide our level of service to our clients without the help and supervision of a fabulous manager and girl Friday. Carol provides the seamlessly smooth operation of Silver Strands Salon. She spent 14 years as the front desk manager at First Colonial Inn and provides full time care for her own elderly mother, so she has developed the skills needed to anticipate the needs of our clients and to cater to them in a professional and personal way. 

Luna Clarke, Nail Technician
Luna Clarke, Nail Technician

Silver Strands Salon provides complete manicure and pedicure services to our clients through a trained and licensed nail technician. Luna has been specially trained to consider the issues that many of our nail clients confront, including thickened or ingrown nails, thinning skin, decreased sensation and sensitivity. Luna is originally from Japan and now lives with her husband and family in Virginia Beach. She is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment or for walk-in visitors if time allows. 

Silver Strands-Connie.jpg
Connie Contreras, Esthetician

Words can not do justice to the experience of a facial and Silver Strands Salon provides that decadence through our licensed master esthetician, Connie. She has lenghty experience with senior clients, so she has a unique understanding of the limits of the facial and how much it means to our clients to just spoil themselves. 

What Our Clients Think

What our Clients Think

Thanks so much. My  mother is VERY pleased with her perm and cut. We appreciate your flexibility 

Peggy Powers

You are always so kind and patient with mom and you make her look like a million bucks

Paula Bonocore

Carolyn Lindsey

Your kindness is greatly appreciated by the entire Conti family, as you provide excellent care and

service to Mom Conti

Barbara & Gene Conti

A.J. Sabatello

Patricia Swan, Executive Director, First Colonial Inn

I was very impressed with Michelle, she was absolutely wonderful and I was thrilled with my hair. 

Maryann Sanford

Colleen Britton

I recommend Michelle to so many people, because I'm always so pleased with what she does with my hair. 

Frances Cobb

Michelle cares about our residents as individuals, not simply "the elderly" and is consistently aware that our residents' self esteem is in her hands.

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